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The advantages of hiring a Wedding Venue dresser

Working within the Wedding Industry as a Wedding Venue Dresser, I often see brides post questions on wedding websites and social media, such as Facebook in particular, asking for prices on various things like chair cover hire and table centrepieces.  It’s become apparent to me that there’s a lot of confusion for couples out there on what things cost for weddings and a lot of misconceptions about the services such as what I provide in the form of Wedding venue dressing & styling.  As such, i’ve written a couple of articles about this which are featured on other wedding websites in order to try and explain to future brides and grooms what they can get for their money/budget and advantages of hiring in a professional rather than trying to do it all by themselves.  This is all honest advice as i’ve been there myself planning my own wedding on a budget so I know how it feels, and so with this and the added experience of running my own business, i’m fully aware of what things actually cost for a wedding and how you can save both time and money.

wedding venue dressing Bury - full venue dressing for Michael & Terrianne

What does a Wedding Venue Dresser do?

So I suppose the very 1st question people will be asking is what exactly does a Wedding Venue Dresser have to offer, what is it that we do? Well firstly, to sum it up, we provide an invaluable service that enables you to be able to sit back and relax while we do all the running around to make sure your wedding venue(s) looks perfect.  The last thing you want is stress on your big day and knowing you have hired professional people to help with every aspect will be a massive weight off your shoulders.  So what does that entail exactly?  Well first of all, after you’ve made initial contact with me via phone or email, I’ll invite you to come and see me for a consultation so that I can get to know you, what you like and what you don’t, and what your expectations are for your wedding day.  We can chat through ideas, discuss your budget, I can help you with the design aspect, offer lots of expert help and advice, answer your questions, make suggestions, recommend other reputable wedding suppliers and generally put you at ease.   Once we’ve met for a chat and talked through ideas I can gain a better insight and understanding of you a a couple and how you want your wedding to look and feel.  I can then put together a personalised quote for you.

Once you place your booking with us I will spend lots of time researching and sourcing materials and supplies, and I will keep in contact with you throughout this process to keep you informed and make sure you’re happy with everything.  In the weeks and days leading up to your wedding day there will be lots of preparations to be done which will include lots of ironing of sashes, swags and table linen, preparing flowers, table centrepieces, accessories and so on.  Once the big day itself arrives, myself and my team will arrive at your venue as scheduled to start the big job of dressing and styling your venue.  Depending on the size of your wedding, this can take anything from 2-8 hours.  I personally will make last minute checks to ensure everything looks absolutely pristine and perfect before we leave your venue. The following day we’ll return to dismantle and collect everything.  Again, this can take a few hours to do.  After your wedding I’ll contact you to check that everything was ok for you and you were happy with our service as this is very important to us.

Wedding venue styling Manchester - Full room styling at the Georgian house hotel, Bolton.

What are the advantages for you?

So just what are the advantages for you if you hire a professional Wedding Venue Dresser?  To begin with, what you have to bear in mind is that you’re not just hiring the equipment, it doesn’t all just magically appear by itself looking amazing, it’s me and my team (well, the hubby & family!) that are there on the day doing all the hard work and ensuring everything looks perfect for you.  And it’s not just the work on the day but all the planning, communication and preparation that is done beforehand.  I think this is what people tend to forget when it comes down to looking at pricing services such as ours for their wedding, they don’t factor in all the time involved in the lead up to the big day and then the time it takes to set everything up at the wedding venue itself.  It’s really hard work at the end of the day, very labour intensive and takes a lot of time and skill to get it right.  People underestimate the amount of hard work involved and assume that it can easily be done. Let me assure you that venue dressing is exhausting, both mentally and physically, your back will literally be breaking and every other limb will be aching too! Do you really want to feel this drained on your wedding day?  It‘s also very time consuming.  We can be at a venue for anything up to 8 hours or more and I will double and triple check everything, we don’t leave until i’m 100% happy that everything looks perfect for you.  So it’s the hire of the products and the overall service you are paying for.

This is where you have to be very careful though – there are umpteen people out there offering chair cover hire etc at ridiculously low prices, eg £1 per chair cover and sash or less.  Now if you’re in business like me then you’ll know these prices just aren’t feasible as they don’t even cover the cost of the materials let alone the time involved setting up, travel costs etc, so if you put your trust in someone charging these low prices you are definitely either going to compromise on the quality of the goods they provide, the service or both.  How do I know this for sure?  Because i’ve gone undercover as I was curious and used the ‘services’ of such individuals myself so have first hand experience.  As i’m a professional I would never name & shame, but I used a DIY chair cover hire service on 2 separate occasions and paid a lot less than £1 per chair cover & sash.  Their full set up service was £1 but I opted for the DIY option as I wanted to see what the chair covers were like.   Now, I never used these at an actual wedding or event just to make that clear, it was purely for research purposes only and my findings were what I expected all along – the chair covers weren’t very good quality, hadn’t been washed properly and had dirty marks all over them – obviously from the last event, there were holes in them too.  The sashes were very badly creased as they hadn’t even bothered to iron them and some had food stains on them.  Can you imagine if I was a bride or groom and had hired these for my big day?  I wouldn’t have been able to use most of them and would have been devastated.  We offer a DIY hire service ourselves and all the chair covers are immaculate and all sashes are ironed for you.  Now the person I hired them from I know works full time and so quality control is obviously an issue here, as was proved, and this is a problem as most people offering these cheap services are also doing it part time, it isn’t their full time job as it is for me.  I’m not saying they are all bad, of course it’s fine to run a part time business alongside a full time job, but I myself found it just doesn’t work, you can’t dedicate the right amount of time to your business.

Just make sure you do your homework when it comes to choosing your wedding suppliers and don’t take any risks, check their customer feedback & that it’s genuine, this is a must.  A lot of these ‘businesses’ are scammers and are all over the likes of Facebook giving us good reputable businesses a bad name.  I’m a member of many groups on Facebook and the amount of brides in tears through the actions of these ‘cheap as chips’ companies is unreal.  We all love a bargain and value for money, but we all love good service too, so on the biggest day of your life you should never compromise and take that risk, if it looks too good to be true it usually is, and in the long run it just isn’t worth it for the sake of saving a few pennies, you’re bound to regret it if things go wrong.  You really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to weddings.

Wedding venue styling Manchester - large black and white ostrich feather centrepieces, chair covers with black organza sashes and table swags at Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow.

How can a Wedding Venue Dresser save you money?

Now that you know what I do as a Wedding Venue Dresser and you know that investing in a service such as ours will save you a lot of stress and time, how can it save you money you may ask?  Well put it this way, to hire equipment rather than buying it will save you a small fortune!  I myself hire the equipment out for a percentage of what it has actually cost me to buy new, so at least half the cost for small items, on larger items it will be about a quarter of the purchase cost.  Those who may say to you that it’s just as cheap to buy your own decorations etc are not telling the truth exactly.  I’ve seen a few suppliers that tell you this to entice you to buy their chair covers & decorations, but it’s simply not true and I should know.  Throw away items I would agree are cheaper to buy yourself such as paper decorations, table confetti etc.  But take items like chair covers for example.  Yes, you can buy them second hand maybe on auction sites for a bargain price, but to buy a top quality brand new chair cover you should expect to pay £4 or more.  There are cheaper alternatives at around £2-£3 but these are poor in quality, I know because i’ve bought samples and tried them and it makes a massive difference, the cheaper ones don’t sit properly on the chairs, the fabric is a lot thinner and as a result they get holes in them a lot easier and they don’t wash very well, particularly for high usage, so that’s why I personally only buy the best quality more expensive chair covers and sashes as they look & fit better, they feel better, wash better and therefore last a lot longer.   The only other thing that is honestly cheaper to do yourself is make all your own wedding stationery, but i’ll cover this in another post!

Also, the other thing to bear in mind if buying things yourself is having the hassle then of selling things on afterwards, and once an item has been used people will expect to buy it from you for next to nothing, so is it really worth all the hassle?  In my opinion, no.  Save yourself time and money by hiring everything you need for a fair price, that means not too little but also not too much as there are plenty that will charge you over the odds too!  I myself struggled to find products & services for my own wedding at a fair & reasonable price as I did A LOT of shopping around and the prices varied dramatically, I soon learnt who were charging too little and those who were greedy and charging way too much, so this is what prompted me to start my own business, I was determined to offer high quality products and services with exceptional customer service for weddings & events at the best possible price and this is something I will never ever compromise on.

Wedding ceiling drapes Manchester - Drapes on the beams of the Horseshoe suite at the Stables, the Boholt in Bury.

In summary…

So to sum up, the main advantages of hiring a Wedding Venue Dresser are that we save you a lot of time and money.  The other big advantage of hiring a professional Wedding Venue Dresser such as myself is that I have the creativity and years of experience to be able to bring all your ideas to life.  I know what all the current trends are, can advise you on what colours, themes, flowers or other items will work best with your venue and will help you to stay within budget.  Not only that, but I can also help you with your search for other suppliers, as being in the industry I know who is good and equally who you should avoid!  I work with only the best suppliers who have built a good solid reputation for their work and customer satisfaction.  So there are not one but MANY advantages of hiring a professional Wedding Venue Dresser and I hope this little blog post has helped to quash some of those myths that are out there and to give you an insight into the subject so that you can make an informed decision yourselves based on the facts and choose the option that is best for you.

Happy Wedding planning!


If you need help with your Wedding Venue Dressing and would like to get in touch, give me a call today on 0161 797 3437 or mobile 07500062451, or you can send me an email at or head to our contact us page and fill in the form.  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Kirsty xx

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