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Wedding on a budget? Cut back on the guest list!

Wedding on a budget? Cut back on the guest list!

A question that always comes up is, “We’re planning a wedding on a budget, how can we save money on our wedding?”  There are a few ways to do this, but without a doubt one of the best ways is to streamline that guest list!  The more people that attend your wedding the more it will cost, it’s that simple.  So this is my number one tip for how to save money and get married if you’re on a tight budget.  It means you can have everything you want for your big day as it frees money up to spend on other things.

So just how do your cut back on the guest list?  Again, it’s pretty simple.  Only invite people to the ceremony and wedding meal that are either close family or close friends. We for example had 60 guests (which included me and the hubby) for the ceremony and meal.  For the evening be very selective about who is invited, only invite those people who you see quite regularly or mean something to you, don’t just invite people for the sake of it and who don’t play any part in either of your lives, for example old work colleagues or friends who you don’t keep in touch with anymore, don’t feel obligated to invite people you’ve lost touch with or people you don’t really know, friends of friends for example.  For our wedding we invited an additional 40 people to the evening reception party, all people we knew, work colleagues, friends etc.

wedding on a budget

Do bear in mind though that not everyone you invite will be able to attend, particularly evening guests, so you could get away with inviting a few people extra.  Some people choose not to have any children at their wedding, but again this is personal choice.  We did have a few children in the daytime and a couple more in the evening.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget and you can be strict and stick to a set number of guests then you will save money on everything from invitations, food, drinks, chair covers & sashes, centrepieces, thank you cards, to the size of the cake and so on – food and drink in particular as these will cost the most. Plus, you could save on the room hire itself if you don’t have a huge number of guests as you won’t need as big a room.

There are other ways to save money which i’ll be talking about in other posts, but cutting back on the guest list is the main money saving tip xx

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